Biodiesel Kampen B.V.

Haatlandhaven 15

8263 AS Kampen

The Netherlands

Tel:   +31 (0)38 376 80 10

Fax: +31 (0)038 376 80 19

Chamber of Commerce: 05079906

Welcome to the web site of Biodiesel Kampen B.V.


The company Biodiesel Kampen has been pioneering in the world of bio diesel of the second generation since 2006. Our main activity is processing fats in order to produce a good quality bio diesel out of it. Almost 100 % of the collected used cooking oils and fats are being re-used in our bio diesel production process. Biodiesel Kampen B.V. is on a day to day basis involved in a socially responsible production process. The company sees enough possibilities to create profit for people, society and most important of all the environment. Not only for now but also for the future.

EPA certified

Biodiesel Kampen B.B. is EPA certified for the US biofuelmarket.


Biodiesel Kampen BV has obtained the ISCC certification, for their second generation bio diesel. Besides that Biodiesel Kampen BV complies with the double counting requirements in various countries within the European Union.